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Sports media – you need a website

Posted on by Gail

{This post originally appeared at nationalsportsmedia.org, previously National Sportsbroadcasters and Sportswriters Association, as it made a website transfer.} Sportscasters and Sportswriters: you need your own websites Sportscasters and sportswriters that have taken buyouts or were released in media organization downsizings ask, … Continue reading

Ed Sherman shares what he thinks makes good sports broadcasters

Posted on by Gail

We’ve been watching A LOT of sports lately. College football bowl games started the year, and a SUPER Bowl followed. NBA action highlighted a few screens but during the past three weeks, our nation’s eyes have turned to the NCAA … Continue reading

When media interviews media: a host’s name matters

Posted on by Gail

You’ve cultivated an audience and your comments generate attention from media outlets in addition to the one that employs you. Maybe another market wants to hear your opinion about the beat you cover. Congratulations – you, Mr. or Ms. Media, … Continue reading

When social media is cruel, keep communication lines open

Posted on by Gail

You’ve heard the phrase “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say it at all.” Most of us were taught that lesson before kindergarten, but it escaped some people who hide behind screen names and spew mean-spirited comments on social … Continue reading