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Auburn football coach’s new car is a cool recruiting tool

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We are our brands. Each time we step foot out the door each day, we subliminally share our brands in how we dress, act, what car we drive and its color. That’s why when I read the headline “Recruiting tool? … Continue reading

Ed Sabol was the founder of NFL storytelling

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Buzzwords in the publicity, public relations, marketing and advertising industries seem to pop into our vocabularies and change by the day. Within the last two years, those of us that work to get messages heard glommed onto what many of … Continue reading

Is “The Belt” the Next Cheesehead?

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Do you remember 1987 when the Cheesehead took the world by storm? (Ok, the state of Wisconsin and mobile Packers fans…)

I believe that “The Belt” could be the next big thing. Again, the popularity would likely launch in Wisconsin, then… watch out world! Green Bay Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers made the gesture of donning a winning boxing belt during the NFL Playoffs and famously expressed the sentiment again when he accepted the Super Bowl XLV Most Valuable Player award.
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Social media makes sports notes news

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This week we’ve seen two sports stories that may have remained personal conversations explode into national news stories. There are two issues at play with both of these cases: 1) team management decisions put their respective clubs in the positions of controversy and 2) social media, specifically, Twitter, drove each story. Continue reading