Auburn football coach’s new car is a cool recruiting tool

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We are our brands. Each time we step foot out the door each day, we subliminally share our brands in how we dress, act, what car we drive and its color.

That’s why when I read the headline “Recruiting tool? Gus Malzahn’s flashy new sports car” on USA TODAY’s website, I said to myself, “absolutely.”


2016 BMW i8

I love the BMWi8 with scissor doors; saw and admired one in south Florida a few months ago. Some might find it ostentatious while others simply think it’s cool. Regardless, of course it’s a recruiting tool when it comes to sharing a ride with young football players that pass through Auburn, Alabama as they decide where to take their gridiron talents after high school.

Malzahn said he’d never had a sports car and there was no better time to indulge than for his 50th birthday. I don’t blame him. I hope he has a boatload of fun with it.

And if he snares a fast player for his football team while he drives his fast car, all the power to them all.

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