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Social media likely helped drive NFL, NCAA moves

Posted on by Gail

Sports timelines — sans Derek Jeter — read more like rap sheets than stat sheets. We’re not just in the midst of football season, but in ironic timing, the last four weeks have read what we might expect from “CSI: Gridiron.” Take … Continue reading

The wildly popular NFL is here to stay, so it should step up and do good

Posted on by Gail

Yes, the National Football League has image issues. No, the multi-billion dollar NFL isn’t going anywhere soon. Commissioner Roger Goodell continues to be a public no-show (9 days and counting) and so far today, there are no new reports of … Continue reading

The NFL wanted 24-7 attention and by gosh it’s got it

Posted on by Gail

If you’re the NFL, I imagine you’re saying today to be careful of what you wish for. It seems that only light months ago that the National Football League commanded media attention for thousands of days on end with mostly … Continue reading