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You didn’t make the NFL cut and you’re ticked

Posted on by Gail

No one can blame you. You’ve just spent the last six weeks working out in an NFL training camp trying to earn a coveted roster spot. You dreamt of playing pro football since you were a kid; there were hours … Continue reading

Athletes in NFL training camps: keep comments classy

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Athletes competing for NFL roster spots or higher positions on the team ladder face daunting challenges in training camp. The No. 1A task that ranks next to the top priority to stay healthy, is not to make headlines for the … Continue reading

Johnny Football must become Johnny Truth. Today.

Posted on by Gail

Never mind the Biogenesis-related Major League Baseball suspensions that are being announced as I write. We expected those. What we didn’t see coming is the latest sports crisis at the hands of Texas A & M and Heisman Trophy winning … Continue reading

Stupid happens. Just ask Riley Cooper.

Posted on by Gail

Make no mistake about it. Eagles receiver Riley Cooper was caught in a swamp of stupid when a video of him berating an African-American security guard at a concert surfaced last week. Like many, I wrestled with whether his comment … Continue reading